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The mail order of the blueberry of the farm direct delivery

It is direct delivery from the farm
The fresh blueberry

Daisen It says that the delicious blueberry grows when the temperature difference in day and night and the four seasons is big. This farm is located in the 450 m altitude, day and night the temperature difference is big and it is in the area with the temperature difference in the four seasons which is because snow is deep in the winter and is a hot Sea of Japan shore type climate in the summer. Then, because the volcanic ash at the Daisen is accumulated ground ( the acid-soil ), it is suitable for the blueberry.

The boxed blueberry
The dressing case

Forwarding's beginning in the season in 2017 is a schedule at the beginning of July. But, it sometimes is before and behind number back and forth in the climature.

It conforms the order of the fresh blueberry by the 1 kilo unit at 1kg=2600 yen ( the taxes included ).

Separately, the postage, the cool flight charge ( the refrigeration ) and the cash on delivery fee are necessary.

In the basic of forwarding with the mail order, in the last ten days, we send the blueberry ( the top of July and the middle are Lateblue in Blueray, the last ten days ) of Hightbusch type from the first ten days in July and in the middle in September, it sends the one of the seasonableness of )、 Rabbiteye type blueberry from the first ten days in August.

The maturing time of the blueberry, it sometimes is before and behind back and forth in the weather and so on.

The blueberry isn't wet with rain and so on. It isn't possible to do the date specification of forwarding because it adopts one with good condition in the morning by the dial. Then, the number of days sometimes hangs because it becomes forwarding in the ordered order.

The order, too, becomes ending if the farm does closed.

The order get in touch to the following with the phone or the fax or the e-mail.

TEL・FAX:0859-53-8810 From this place of the e-mail

  • zip code
  • address
  • name
  • Tel
  • The number of the desired kilos ( The 1 kilo unit )
  • ( No specification, ) the specification of the report time ( the morning, 12-14 o'clock, 14-16 o'clock, 16-18 o'clock, 18-20 o'clock, 19-21 o'clock )
     Kanto, the northeast, Hokkaidou become impossible in the morning of the forwarding next day. The day after next sometimes becomes in the morning.
Enter and do the phone and a fax and e-mail.

The sales page of the blueberry jam is this.

The postage and so on

The method of payment

The payment becomes collection on delivery.


The order becomes a 1 kg unit. The postage depends on the weight of the blueberry of the life of the order and the area of the visitor.

  1kg 2~3kg 4kg 5~6kg
Hokkaido 1620 1836 2052 2268
Tohoku 1188 1404 1620 1836
Kantou or Shinetu 972 1188 1404 1620
Chubu or Hokuriku 864 1080 1296 1512
Kansai 756 972 1188 1404
Chugoku 756 972 1188 1404
Shikoku 864 1080 1296 1512
Kyushu 756 972 1188 1404
Okinawa 1296 1836 2376 2916


The cool charge

It adds to the postage and the cool price of the following is necessary because it sends it with the cool flight ( the refrigeration ).

It is 1 - 3 kg in the fresh blueberry. To 4 - 6 kg of the fresh blueberry
+216円 +324円

The cash-on-delivery-commission

The collection on delivery sum becomes the amount of money only of the fresh blueberry.

The collection on delivery sum The cash-on-delivery-commission ( The taxes included )
Less than 10000 yen (1-3 kg fresh blueberry) 324 yen
10000 - less than 30000 yen ( 4 kg of fresh blueberry~) 432 yen

( Ex. )Oosaka is 3 kg in the fresher blueberry.When ordered

Blueberry 3kg→2600yen×3+postage972yen+cool216yen+The price exchange fee 324yen Total:9312yen( Taxes included )