online shopping(jam)

The online shopping of the blueberry jam

blueberry jam

Jam bottleGrain becomes a little left -type blueberry jam. It is using only the blueberry which was picked at jitou-farm. It is using about 40 % of sugar of the weight of the blueberry. ( It is jam with in sugar content )

One 800 yen(Taxes included)

Separately, the postage and the cash on delivery fee are necessary.(The photograph is three sets)

Raw material
blueberry sugar
The amount of contents
The preservation method
In front of the turn-on, avoid and save the direct sunlight at the normal temperature. ( Behind the turn-on, it saves at equal to or less than 10 °C and you eat as soon as possible )
The manufacturer
The use-by date
It is manufacturing after open for 1 year ( it stamps at the label ) from the date of production.

The order get in touch to the following with the phone or the fax or the e-mail.

  • zip code
  • address
  • name
  • Tel
  • Jam number
  • The report time specification

Tel・FAX:0859-53-8810  From this place of the e-mail.

The mail order page of the fresh blueberry is this.

The postage

The following table becomes postage in the number of jam.

  From one to four From five to 12 From 13 To 24
Hokkaido 1620 1836 2052
tohoku 1188 1404 1620
kantou・Sinetu 972 1188 1404
Chubu・Hokuriku 864 1080 1296
Kansai 756 972 1188
Chugoku 756 972 1188
Shikou 864 1080 1296
Kyushu 756 972 1188
Okinawa 1260 1836 2376


The cash-on-delivery-commission

As for the collection on delivery sum, only jam of the blueberry becomes an amount of money.

The collection on delivery sum The cash-on-delivery-commission
(The taxes included)
Less than 10000 yen (To 12 pieces of jam) 324 yen
Equal to or more than 10000 yen - less than 30000 yen
( 13 - 37 pieces of jam )
432 yen


The report becomes Yamato Transport.The report time It is possible to specify the morning / 12-14 o'clock / 14-16 o'clock / 16-18 o'clock / 18-20 o'clock / 19-21 o'clock.
※ 12 o'clock - the time zone specification at 14 o'clock became abolition from June 19th, 2017. And, 20 - 21 o'clock was changed to 19 - 21 o'clock.

About the personal information

There is not use except the purpose that the personal information which kept it from the customer accounted and that it kept and that the customer agreed. Also, there are not transferring to the outsider and providing, too.

About the returning and the exchange

It takes perfect notice of the quality of the product but 10,000 is Hajime. When being bad and the damaging and so on occur, we change postage in this farm load. Contact within another 8 days of product arrival.

※We request to let's understand because the returning and the exchange of the product with the customer convenience can not be conformed, being good.