The much bucket adoption comes

Hightbush type Harvard

Harvard of Hightbush type matured little by little.At the blueberry the load of a master farm, it is the kind which matures after Blueray.

Hightbush type Blueray

In now, a lot of Blueray is mature largely. It is possible to pick much comparatively at short time when adopting ( many kilos ) a bucket at this kind.

The status of Hightbush type Blueray

The blueberry like a photograph above The fruit matures little by little. There is a change of the color like green ⇒ claret ⇒ dark blue. In the claret, it is still acid because it isn't yet ripened.

It adopts a dial in the family.

Coming much about the small child, too, today because it was Sunday.( In case of adopting a bucket, it is preparing the special small bucket of the child. )

The bucket adoption

Today, about 7 or 80 percent of customers often came with the gathering with the bucket. Any sets of customers who said that it is " because last week was rain it changed a plan today " were.

The hydrangea

The hydrangea bloomed beautifully. At Jitou-farm, it is possible to enjoy a hydrangea with various kinds.