The blueberry relation

The Japanese blueberry society
The Japanese blueberry society is sent growing information and processing information for the producer, the information because it likes all blueberries more for the popularization of the domestic blueberry. Jitou-farm, too, is a member in the Japanese blueberry society.

The tourist facility and sightseeing information

Tottori Prefecture Oyama-machi The office of tourism
To have doing the full to think of the attractiveness of the Daisen enjoyed, it introduces a Inc. temple Buddhist temple, a pension, a ski area around it in addition to the Daisen and so on, too.
The Tottori flower corridor
Of the maximum Flower park Tottori flower corridor in Japan at any time of the year around by the flower of each of the four seasons It is possible to enjoy. It is 30 minutes with the car from jitou-farm.
It is maximum Field Athletics in the western Japan which spreads to the foot at the Daisen. There is a campsite, too. There are a variety of experience courses, too, and they are a recommendation in the other. It is 5 minutes with the car from jitou-farm.
In the nature, the milker, the ice making of the cow can be experienced. The restaurant of the menu which used milk, dairy goods abundantly and utilized material at the pasture The store where it is possible to buy the souvenir of delicious milk, the dairy goods at the Daisen and also the snack which used milk Whatever it says, the milk hometown fancy ice cream is famous much. It is 15 minutes with the car from jitou-farm.

The accommodations

Daisen Royal Hotel
The base of a wide range of sightseeing trip such as the mountaineering and the Yonago sightseeing to the resort hotel, the Daisen at the Tottori Prefecture Daisen It is 10 minutes with the car from jitou-farm.
Daisen Lake hotel
It is a hotel in natural rich Kohan (Onoike). It is 7 minutes with the car from jitou-farm.