The way of raising

3 big elements which are important when raising a blueberry


The blueberry doesn't grow up when it is not an acid-soil. Because it is, it is unsuitable for the place ( the place to have put lime ) like a field.The great part to have failed says " that it planted a field ".
The 1 m diameter of being when wanting to plant a field anyhow Plant there after replacing earth with 30 - 50 cm depth.

The acidity fitting

  • Peat moss
  • Kanuma-tuchi
It becomes good acidity fitting in the earth which was mixed in 1:1.

The water doing

It gives the sapling water.
The spring and the autumn
It is once in 2, on the 3rd.
The summer
Twice a day ( The morning, the evening )※In the daytime hot, it is worthless if watering.
The winter
It is once in 1 week.

※It is a standard persistently.When there is moisture in earth in rain and so on, watering isn't necessary.

Specifically, as for the watering, April let's be careful in the boiling of water's being broken from the end of the rainy season in May the growing season in it, to the summer.

The manure

Sow the neighborhood of the young plant with a little ( the lightly in 1 stock grasped quantity ) in the spring in March, in September and the autumn when the harvest ended in oil cake.
The fowl droppings and the cattle's dung, the chemical fertilizer and so on don't suit. ※It doesn't grow up early even if it gives a lot of manure.

The knack of the pruning

In the pruning commencing time, December which hits a rest period in the winter as much as another 4 years of planting - January are opportunity. If it seems that there there is space, don't already prune ( for 2 - 3 years ) for a while and stretch.

The pruning is the important work to keep tree vigor, adjusting true becoming quantity.
It chooses the branch which has a flower bud and it does bound return by the principal axis of the weak and small branch below 5㎝ which has a branch as a result of organizing, and putting a fruit in 3-4 and weakening and the cull of it, and so on. As the standard on the outward form, it plants and in 4, 3 - 5 principal axis branches stretch in the regular intervals and make a having to do with Bush of about 5 m of 1st year highschool. の tree topology become. Choose 3 - 4 branches which become a principal axis and let's return them in the bounds at the height within 1.5 m because the occurrence of the Shoot ( the branch which went out of the ground ) increases when planting and becoming in 4. A lot of growth branches occur near the tip which was returned in the bounds and become branch candidacy as a result of the next year.
Then, we cull the branch which turned in and a weak branch. The branch which becomes a good result branch is the branch to be well grown and leaves the one which equal to or more than three big flower buds have arrived at.

The notice

  • Lime ( it makes earth alkaline ) is worthless by all means.
  • A one to want to raise more at the tree of the better blueberry removes a flower bud in 1st year 2 and puts a lot of fruit and making there are not it The difference to be good enough for the degrees of the growth after that goes out.