It picks with the bucket

It enjoys a blueberry dial with the bucket.

The bucket dial is the style that the customer does a blueberry dial with the special receptacle ( the bucket ) by in the park.
(It plans to be equal to or more than 1 kg gathered)

  • There is discount when an equal to or more than 2 kg dial is adopted.
  • We lend the special small bucket of the child for the small child.

When it is possible to come by the family and the blueberry with the total of all the members exceeds 2 kg, it becomes discount.

It is about 2 kg, the quantity that about 3 kg are a standard, being heaped within about 1 kg, 8 minutes at the half of the special bucket. ( ※ There is a difference little according to the kind and the size of grain. )

It is a blueberry with the bucket.
It is a blueberry with the bucket.

The blueberry of the photograph is about 2 kg.

1 kg is 1500 yen ( The taxes included )

It discounts by 500 yen from the total amount to less than 3 kg from equal to or more than 2 kg.
It becomes 1000 yen discount from the total amount at equal to or more than 3 kg.

(This amount of money becomes when a customer is gathered. )

[The blueberry which this side of the farm gathered is 1 kg. It becomes 2400 yen ( one charge for box needs 200 yen separately in case of the dressing case ) ( the taxes included ). In this case, there is not equal to or more than 2 kg discount.]

(Ex.)In case of 2.5 kg adopting a dial

1500 yen * 2.5kg = 3750 yen The 500 yen discount 3250 yen

(Ex.)In case of 3.5 kg adopting a dial

1500 yen * 3.5kg =5250 yen The 1000 yen discount 4250 yen

One piece of style, it is 1000 yen discount in the maximum.

※ Above-mentioned price is when the customer picks.
Buy all blueberries that a customer was gathered.
Attempt to confirm on the phone because it sometimes refuses a bucket dial depending on the ripe condition.

When having a keeping cool drug and a cooler prepared, the freshness of the blueberry is easy to keep.
In case of not being durability, it is possible to enter a simple cardboard box or a plastic bag.
[It becomes easy when becoming long in the condition to have stopped ( air conditioner off ) the engine of the car for the freshness to fall. ]

As for the one which can do coming more on the weekday, Friday is a recommendation more from Wednesday.