It rained a little in the morning.

It adopts a bucket by the family.

It rained a little in the late-morning.

Rain stops, taking shelter from the rain and is bucket adoption's resumption. It picked many blueberries in the family from Oosaka with the local community - Yonago.

The kind is different on either side

In the image, it is incomprehensible but the color of the leaf of the blueberry on either side is different from the boundary in the aisle at the center. The green is a little thinner in the leaf in the left than the right.
It is a blueberry with same Hightbush type. The left is Harvard and the right is Blueray.

Harvard with Hightbush type kind

A lot of Harvard with Hightbush type kind, too, ripened.

The flag flag which is different every kind of the blueberry

It stands the flag flag which is different every kind of the blueberry. Enjoy the difference of the sweetness, the sour taste, the fragrance, the food sense.

Late blue

Late blue with most late ripening kind with Hightbush type was only a little ripe at this farm. It seems that it is possible to do pack absorption or bucket adoption from around the middle in July. This kind is the kind that the sweetness is dark, being same but that a lot of sour tastes have a strong taste compared with late's being blue. It is doing blueberry jam, being best to make it, too.