The open period
The last ten days in June - the last ten days in September
(Doing change being by the climate, ask.)
The regular holiday
In the regular holiday during the period, it is not.
Business hours
(To PM 5 o'clock of the reception time)
The limitation time
There is not a time limit.
The admission fee
It is 500 yen at one.(The limit is free of charge in the junction by the infant with that the adult accompanying is done. )>※The organization at the kindergarten and so on Consult.
The customer of the individual is not a reservation system. (The organization reserve.
150 standard cars(There is a large-sized sightseeing bus parking lot for specific users.)
The accommodating personnel
It is a maximum of about 1000 per day.
Takeout pack
(For the dial adoption)
500yen M-pack(about 300g)/1000yen L-pack(about 600g) (You buy only a pack with empty condition, the customer picks a blueberry in the farm and is a pack for the takeout. )
It gathers with the bucket. (Equal to or more than 1 kg)
It is 1500 yen per kg.
To less than 3 kg from equal to or more than 2 kg :It discounts by 500 yen from the total amount.
In case of equal to or more than 3 kg:It discounts by 1000 yen from the total amount.
In case of pack sale
The 200 g entering is 500 yen at one pack.
(It is the one which the side of the farm put in the pack by picking and sorting out a blueberry. )
※It isn't sometimes possible to get ready.

※(The gathering with the bucket )The more desired one give equal to or more than 2 kg by contact on the phone.
(It is the day to ripen and it isn't possible to do bucket adoption in the condition, too. )

※The pet and the one of the going-out of being accompanied The junction be reserved.

※The bringing in eaing and drinking by the box lunch and so on be reserved to in the farm.

※There is not shade in in the farm. Prepare blinds such as the hat by the countermeasure against the heat exhaustion.